What is The Action Network?

logoThe Action Network is a progressive online organizing platform. Any local union can become an organizer by signing up with the form below.

With that account, organizers can publish actions to the public, such as a petition to an elected official, an event RSVP form for a meeting the organizer is holding, a survey form to collect answers from a community, a fundraising form to collect money for an upcoming campaign, or a letter campaign to have activists email elected officials. Use it to send out emails to your members about contract or bargaining updates.

As other activists take action and fill out the forms an organizer has published, those activists are opted in to the organizer’s email list. Using our built-in mass mailing tool, organizers can contact that list of activists whenever they want, and download the data on their list too!

In short, along with SolidWeb, the Action Network includes everything you need to organize online, assisting in online communication for your local union.

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